The Best Pokémon Types for Offense, Defense, and Overall Viability

The Best Pokémon Types for Offense, Defense, and Overall Viability

With 18 different Pokémon types featuring unique strengths and weaknesses, what are objectively the best typings to use in battle? This definitive guide evaluates each type across key criteria to identify the premier Pokémon types for offense, defense, versatility, and more.

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Offensive Types

Offensively, these types consistently deal big damage:


  • Devastating power with moves like Outrage and Draco Meteor
  • Only weak to itself, Ice, Fairy
  • Dragon-type attackers dominate without proper counters


  • SE damage against ubiquitous Psychic and Ghost types
  • Powerful STAB Shadow Ball and Shadow Claw
  • Immune to Normal and Fighting coverage


  • Knocks out Ghost and Psychic types with ease
  • Sucker Punch provides priority revenge killing
  • Nearly flawless neutral coverage with Dark moves


  • Steamrolls Normal, Rock, Ice, Dark, and Steel
  • Power-Up Punch, Close Combat and other Fighting moves crush
  • U-turn lets Fighting types pivot and keep momentum

These types can easily sweep unprepared teams with their mighty offense.

Defensive Types

For defense, these sturdy types repeatedly frustrate opponents:


  • Massive resistances including 11 types
  • Only weak to Fire, Fighting, Ground
  • Impenetrable physical wall with immense Defense


  • Key resistance to common Dragon attacks
  • Only Poison and Steel do meaningful damage
  • Natural bulk enhanced by SpDef-boosting Misty Terrain


  • Tanks Fighting, Grass, Bug, Fairy moves with ease
  • Toxic and Poison neutralize direct damage attempts
  • Black Sludge recovery and other stall tactics


  • Quad resists the ubiquitous Fire type
  • Tanks Ice, Water, and Steel moves well
  • Recovery moves like Aqua Ring and Rain Dish

Lean on these defensively formidable types to repeatedly deny opponents.

Most Versatile Types

For balance, these types bring vital offense and defense:


  • SUN teams amplify the power even further
  • Coverage moves like Solar Beam handle Water types
  • Heatran and other Fires have workable bulk


  • Lightning offense pressures Water, Flying types
  • Motor Drive and Volt Absorb abilities pivot damage
  • Screens, priority, and speed control support options


  • Mewtwo, Deoxys and other Psychics hit tremendously hard
  • Essential coverage with Ghost, Fighting moves
  • Screens and other support moves


  • Razor Leaf, Power Whip and other moves hit hard
  • Leech Seed, Synthesis reliable healing
  • Checks key Water, Ground, and Rock types

These types pull their weight on both ends of the battlefield to enable balanced team building.

Most Versatile Dual Types

The best type combinations bring ideal complementary strengths:

  • Water/Ground – Offensive coverage plus bulk
  • Dragon/Flying – Devastation and speed together
  • Fire/Fighting – Raw power and great coverage
  • Steel/Fairy – Impenetrable physical wall
  • Ghost/Dark – Flawless neutral coverage

Dual types merge the powers of both component types for peak performance potential.


While no Pokémon type is objectively the single best, Dragon, Ghost, and Steel stand out offensively and defensively respectively. For balance, Psychic and Fire types shine. And dual types like Water/Ground fuse multiple powers seamlessly.

Build your teams leveraging these premier typings. But also cover their weaknesses with proper supports to maximize success!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best offensive Pokémon types?

Dragon, Ghost, Dark, and Fighting types consistently deal massive damage.

What are the best defensive Pokémon types?

Steel, Fairy, Poison, and Water types shine for durability and resisting attacks.

What versatile types work well on both offense and defense?

Fire, Electric, Psychic, and Grass types balance potency with support options.

What dual-type combinations provide the most synergy?

Water/Ground, Dragon/Flying, Fire/Fighting, Steel/Fairy, and Ghost/Dark fusion strengths.

Should I just build teams using only the “best” types?

You still need to cover weaknesses properly. Use the best types as anchors supplemented by supports.

Let me know if you have any other Pokémon type strategy questions!

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