Build the Ultimate Pokémon Type Calculator for Raid Battles

Build the Ultimate Pokémon Type Calculator for Raid Battles

Pokémon raid battles involve teams of trainers joining forces to take down powerful raid bosses. Selecting the optimal Pokémon squad with type advantages is crucial to defeating raid bosses before time runs out. A specialized type calculator for raids can make planning your raid party easy and efficient.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to build a custom type chart tailored to dominating Pokémon raid battles. Let’s optimize those raid counters and collect some rare rewards!

Why You Need a Raid Type Calculator

Here are some key benefits that a raid-focused type calculator provides:

  • See boss weaknesses and resistances instantly
  • Identify the top counters to maximize damage
  • Avoid using Pokémon with poor type matchups
  • Plan well-balanced raid parties for maximum DPS
  • Estimate whether you have sufficient counter firepower
  • Find the best movesets to use for each matchup
  • See dynamically updated raid boss rotations and stats

With a raid-optimized type chart, you can assemble the perfect type-countering teams to crush raid bosses.

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Creating Your Raid Type Chart

Follow these steps to build a tailored Pokémon type calculator for raids:

1. List Raid Bosses

Create a list of all currently available raid bosses, including legendary Pokémon. Note their types, key stats, and movesets.

2. Add Raid Details

For each raid tier, include details like difficulty, recommended party size, premier counters, weaknesses, iconic moves, and shiny availability.

3. Insert Matchup Data

Fill in the underlying type chart with the normal damage multiplier data of 0x, 0.5x, 1x, and 2x based on official information.

4. Customize for Raids

Make tweaks and additions to optimize the chart for raid prep:

  • Flag risky type matchups versus bosses
  • Note top move options for counters
  • Show weather bonuses
  • Add stats for optimal counters
  • Embed raid boss CP calculators

5. Color Code Threats

Use red/green color coding to highlight the highest threat matchups versus each raid boss and the best counters to use.

6. Add Raid Party Validation

Build a tool that lets you add raid counters to a party of 6 and validates overall type coverage.

Advanced Features to Dominate Raids

Some additional features that provide strategic insights for raid battles:

  • Estimated counter DPS and TDO versus each boss
  • Boss attack moveset analysis
  • Counter rankings and IV checklists
  • Upcoming raid boss rotation calendars
  • Raid map locations and notifications
  • Friends list with raid status
  • Live raid lobby countdown timers
  • Duo/trio raid damage simulators

Make your calculator a comprehensive raid planning toolkit.

Design Tips for Raid Readiness

Some key design elements to optimize your type chart for raid battles:

  • Clean and responsive display for on-the-go raid groups
  • Intuitive navigation between bosses
  • Summaries of top counters for each boss
  • Filtering to isolate certain matchups
  • Offline accessibility for remote raids
  • Night mode for evening raid events
  • Push notifications on relevant raid changes
  • Embedded maps and directions to raid locations

Craft an intuitive interface to quickly leverage during raid events.

Get Creative with Customizations

Some creative customization ideas include:

  • Boss entrance animations and music
  • limited Research Tasks for using your calculator
  • Badges and rewards for raid achievements
  • Augmented reality mode to visualize raid counters
  • Mini-games to pass time in raid lobbies
  • Easter egg animations when tapping certain Pokémon
  • Social features to share and discuss raids

Find fun ways make using your raid guide entertaining and rewarding.

Case Studies of Successful Raid Guides

Here are some real-world examples of creative raid helper tools:

GO Raid Party

  • Built-in group messaging and coordination
  • Remote raid view and control integration


  • Detailed counters for every moveset variation
  • Countdown timers and lobby management

Raid Academy

  • Infographics on ideal raid lineups
  • Raid achievement and medals tracker

Taking inspiration from successful implementations can give you ideas to make your calculator uniquely helpful.

Assemble Your Raid Dream Team

You now have all the pieces to build the ultimate Pokémon type chart specialized for dominating raid battles. With your custom-made raid calculator, you can form the perfect type-countering squads to defeat any raid boss. Time to start collecting those rare rewards!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different tiers of raid battles?

The tiers range from 1-5 stars, with higher tiers featuring legendaries and tougher bosses requiring more players.

How many players are recommended for 5-star raids?

At least 4-5 highly optimized counters are recommended for a decent chance at victory. Up to 20 players can participate.

What determines which Pokémon you receive from raid rewards?

The specific raid boss you beat determines which Pokémon you can receive. Some allow you to catch the boss itself as a reward.

Should I power up counters before a raid, or wait till after?

It’s usually best to wait till you catch the raid boss to see if it has better IVs before investing in power ups. But powering up beforehand can help secure the win.

Can weather bonuses make previously poor counters now viable options?

Yes, weather boosts can make some fringe counters perform significantly better in the right conditions. Always account for current weather.

Is there a limit to how many raids I can do per day?

You can obtain a free raid pass every day by spinning a gym’s photo disc, allowing you to do one free raid. You can also stockpile paid premium passes.

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